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Sep 23, 1999 10:53 PM

Manhattan Ocean Club

  • j

I've got to write about Manhattan Ocean Club. Anyone
have any experiences to relate?

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  1. t
    The Critical Diner

    Like many of the other restaurants owned and operated by NY Restaurant Group (or whatever their proper name is), there is a real mass production approach to service and fine dining. I haven't had a problem with the food at MOC, only that the servers seem to place dishes in front of the diner without actually stopping at the table. Less than a complete fine dining experience at top shelf prices. I look forward to SeaGrill reopening.

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      Catherine Spencer

      I whole heartedly agree with the Critical Diner's assessment. We ate at MOC this past Saturday and found the service to be horrific. The food was fine but not outstanding; what stood out was the at times incompetent and at times just plain rude treatment we received. The restaurant has received great reviews and I am not at all sure why. Fine dining this is not and I will never recommend MOC to anyone.