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Sep 22, 1999 08:07 PM

Trattoria Giorgio (or Giorgio Trattoria)

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Hey, Wonki -

We finally tried this place on your recommendation and
it was great! House salad was superb - perfect
dressing - tried Had the linguine pesto and just as
you said, it was excellent; also the pasta bolognese
was just right, as was the grilled shrimp with wine
and garlic sauce.

Only drawbacks: service is slow as you said, and the
creme brulee dessert was not the best I've ever
tasted. However, the lemon sherbet was outstanding.

Many thanks!


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  1. judith, back again! always great to see your name on
    the boards. happy you enjoyed the meal. it's too bad
    the service is so slow but it's hard to be mad about it
    since giorgio seems like such a good guy. i'll have to
    try the lemon sherbet. have you been over to saigon
    grill yet? great to have some quality vietnamese in
    the neighborhood finally. oh yeah, and since people
    have been talking about sushi, sushi generation has
    some of the best spicy tuna rolls i've had anywhere.
    good stuff. take care judith. always good to hear
    from you and thanks for taking the time to let me know
    you've enjoyed a place i recommended. i really
    appreciate it. :-)


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    1. re: wonki

      Just had dinner at Giorgio's and it was a treat. We
      hadn't been there for a while, but the recent mentions
      here prompted a visit. We shared an appetizer of figs
      and prosciutto - a generous portion, deliciously sweet
      and salty. Then our two entrees: linguine with white
      clam sauce for my husband and rigatoni amatriciana for
      me. Both dishes were excellent. We shared a bottle
      of California Merlot and, for dessert, fresh and light
      tiramisu. Didn't someone recently start a search for
      a good tiramisu in NYC? I've never been to Italy
      (there's always tomorrow), but this stuff was pretty
      darned good. Service was extremely friendly and warm,
      not at all slow. The price was right and we'll be
      returning again and often. So thanks for the reminder!

      1. re: Dena

        Dena - Thanks for your message - glad you mentioned the price at this restaurant - I agree it is very reasonable for excellent food. We too will be returning - hopefully, the service was off the night we were there.- Judith