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Sep 22, 1999 01:35 PM

Scalini Fidelio??

  • j

Any reports from this place? It's in the space where
Bouley used to be.

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  1. I've heard pretty good word of mouth in the
    neighborhood - though since it's not word from
    chowhounds, I'm not sure how to evaluate it. The place
    is completely window-curtained, so there's no chance
    for a view inside (though of course I tried).

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    1. re: Liza
      Rachel Perlow

      I wonder if it's owned by the same owners of Scalini
      Fideli in Chatham, NJ? This is a wonderful
      restaurant, BTW. Prix fixe with set seatings. I've
      only been there once, a few years ago for Mom's
      birthday. It's still supposed to take a couple weeks
      for a reservation. Anyone know if there is a


      1. re: Rachel Perlow

        I think they are connected. The story I heard is that
        the chef worked at the original Bouley, and when that
        closed, he opened Scalini Fidelio in Chatham, NJ. Now
        he returns to his former space.

        1. re: John

          Yes, it's the same owner of the Chatham, NJ place, the
          difference being the food so far in NYC is much too
          timid, lacking proper seasoning. Also, the staff is
          woefully lacking in details as far as what's in each
          dish. The NY Post review of 2 weeks ago was much too
          soon for a new restaurant, the whole endeavor deserves
          more time to get its act together. I'm sure
          eventually they'll get it right, but the meal I had
          was a big disapointment. Give this place a little
          time, like six more weeks, and it'll probably get it
          together. We'll see.

          1. re: aislestorm
            Rachel Perlow

            So then what's going on with the Chatham Restaurant?
            Still open with different chef?
            Has anyone been there since the change?
            or, Closed?


            1. re: Rachel Perlow
              Chris B. Shaw

              Chatham location is still open , and going strong. Reservations are a must. It is the restaurant of the moment in the Garden State. Second most popular restaurant in NJ by the readers poll of the recent edition of Gourmet.(If you are into that sort of PR)If I am spending that type of money in NJ I'm going to The Stage House Inn in Scotch Plains.

              1. re: Chris B. Shaw

                Yes, the 2 are connected. The last time I went to Scalini Fideli in Chatham was about a year ago and was very disappointed. The food was good but not great and the service was terrible, even though I had told the waiter it was my husband's birthday. Our waiter decided to cater to a large party seated nearby and ignore the smaller tables like ours, e.g., during dessert, we were left with empty coffee cups and dishes on our table for 20 minutes with no waiter or maitre d' in sight. Unacceptable, particularly considering the price. I think it's overrated and won't bother with the NY restaurant.

                1. re: Christine

                  Typical NJ--not worth the time and certainly not worth the price. The problem is it seems that that the entire staff--both in front and the back of the house--have not experienced dining much above The Olive Garden.

                  1. re: carm
                    The Critical Diner

                    There are a few restaurants in NJ that are on par with top flight NYC restaurants (Stage House Inn, The Ryland Inn, Scaleni Fedeli (at least before the NYC place opened), Frog and the Peach, Il Capriccio and a few more). However, it is true that there a several alleged fine dining establishments in NJ that will never reach a competative level with the top NYC restaurants due to the fact that the management and staff have not had sufficient exposure to fine dining. They don't know what to expect so they can't deliver it.

                    One place that comes to mind is the often touted Harvest Moon Inn in Ringoes. The chef has a fine record: CIA, River Cafe (sous chef), Frog and the Peach. However, the chef/owners do not frequent fine dining establishments on their days off (and see no reason to do so) and many of their wait staff have never eaten in restaurants that are above TGIFs. One other overrated venue to avoid should you venture over to NJ is Restaurant Serenade in Chatham (across from Scaleni Fedeli). My respect for Bob Lape ended on the day that he gave Serenade 3 stars in Crain's NY.

                2. re: Chris B. Shaw
                  The Critical Diner

                  I agree that Stage House Inn is the primary place to go in NJ for serious dining.