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I passed by Tindo (1 Eldridge St.) many times, always
thinking "this place is interesting and I should check
it out some time" and never doing so. Last Monday, I
finally went, and noticed that a page from Jim's book
raving about the restaurant had pride of place. I'm
here to tell you that, based on one dish I had (seafood
sauteed in a brown sauce with broccoli, IIRC), its
quality is intact. The dish was wonderful, and I liked
the fact that they lit some sterno to keep it warm
while I ate it. (The dish included squid, octopus
tentacles, clams, scallops, shrimp, fishcakes, bamboo
shoots, waterchestnuts, and pieces of fresh ginger
including some skin, among other things.) I will
definitely be back, with a friend or three.


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