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Sep 21, 1999 08:51 PM

Great brunch

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Where should we go for a fabulous brunch on a Sunday morning. We NOT want to have to dress up and we DO want a place that takes reservations. Also we do NOT want a buffet. Thanks! We are so looking forward to our annual weekend in NYC with no kids!

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  1. Well, as long as it's brunch and not ANY other meal,
    you could try Bubby's on Hudson and No. Moore in
    Tribeca. It's very kid friendly with large portions.
    Sorta hideous bathrooms, though, and NOT recommended
    for any other time of day, if you ask me. Another
    Tribeca locale serving terrific brunch is Capsouto
    Freres on Washington Street. Great omelets and the
    interior is lovely.

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    1. re: Liza

      Drove past Bubby's a couple Sundays ago about 1pm
      while heading for the Holland Tunnel- and the sidewalk
      was absolutely swarmed with people. Looked like a
      massive singles scene. Maybe I should have posted this
      in "not about food" - since I know nothing about their
      food - but it didn't look like these folks were there
      about food either.

    2. There is sort of a sleepy majesty to brunch at the Odeon. It's utterly uncrowded, the waitresses who were kind of snotty the night before are relaxed and friendly, and the place makes undeniably good omelets and such. Although nothing is ever going to pry me away from the endive salad with roquefort and lardons.

      1. In mid-town, you might want to try Metropolitan Cafe
        on 1st Ave. nice selection at brunch and a really
        beautiful outdoor garden dining area if the weather is