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Sep 21, 1999 02:57 PM

Le Cirque

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Having lunch at Le Cirque on Saturday. Any suggestions
for appetizers/entrees? I know all about J. Torres and
the desserts, but have less knowledge of S. Khunn and
the food being served after Daniel Boulud left.

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  1. Please I beg you do not waste your time at the new Le
    Cirque 2000; it's britches have become too big for
    what it should be. It cannot turn out the soigne food
    you are hoping for at the volume that it does. Instead
    opt for places like Union Pacific, Cafe Boulud, Cello,
    and of course Daniel.

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    1. re: Zach

      I go to Daniel and Cafe Boulud a lot. We decided on Le
      Cirque for a change of pace and because a Daniel staff
      member I have become good friends with recommended it.
      I'll go and judge for myself and I'll post my thoughts
      on Monday. I've heard mixed reviews, none as negative
      as yours however, but people I trust have enjoyed it.