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Sep 21, 1999 11:33 AM

delicious dilemma

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Trying to decide where to have my big deal meal in NY
when I come in November. Has anyone been to Bouley
Bakery recently? It's really expensive (for me, at
least). Any feedback? While I'm here, what happened
to Mario Batali? pat

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  1. I don't have first-hand experience with Bouley Bakery,
    but didn't they get a 4-star review from the Times
    last week? That about says it all for me!
    As for Mario Batali, he had an aneurysm. He underwent
    emergency brain surgery and, according to a report in
    the Times, is doing very well.

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    1. re: Dena

      Yeah, I saw the review too. It's surely the best he's
      given so far, no doubt about it!

      Poor Mario. I always thought he looked like a heart
      attack waiting to happen. So glad he's coming along.
      Thanks. pat

      1. re: pat hammond
        jonathan gold

        Ummm...what do you mean, ``looked like a heart attack waiting to happen?''

        1. re: jonathan gold

          Jonathan: I am NOT a medical professional. That
          said,let me explain that I'm a fan of Batali, on TVFN
          as well as at Babbo. Whenever I saw him on TV, it
          occurred to me that with the inherent stress and
          frenetic lifestyle of his chosen profession, and the
          fact that he is overweight, I had concerns about his

          I sincerely hope I didn't sound flippant in the
          previous post. I hadn't heard about the aneurysm and
          am glad things are looking up. pat

          1. re: pat hammond
            Jessica Shatan

            Bouley Bakery *really* impressed me. The food was excellent and I wish I had heeded the advice I was given to skip appetizers and have more bread. The bread is beyond imagination and they give you quite a selection as well as both salted and sweet butter. The desserts are very good but beware: we each got a big bowl of fresh sorbets (and one scoop of homemade frozen vanilla yogurt which complimented the fruit sorbets very well) as a freebie so we left feeling too stuffed. I would say split an appetizer and split a dessert and then each have your own entree and you'll be fine.
            One note: I had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated and I have heard of others being seated even later than that so make your res. a little earlier than normal perhaps.