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Sep 20, 1999 02:53 PM

Suggestions for Jean Georges

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I have dinner reservations for tonight with my mother
and my wife. I stopped by the restaurant on Saturday
to check out the menu and I have a quick question...

Would you recommend getting the tasting menu for all
three of us? Or should we pick our own entrees and
appetizers and share? If we have three at the table
and all get a tasting menu, is it possible to have them
serve a variety of dishes?


P.S. Are Mondays normally easy to book? We made the
reservation on Thursday night and we have a good
seating time.

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  1. Go with the tasting menu, the variety of tastes were
    just fantastic. Even reading the menu, I did not know
    what to expect with each course. One of the best meals
    I've ever had(except for my Sicilian mother's cooking-
    smile)I too had no problem making a reservation and was
    quite surpised at how easy it was (1 week for a wed
    night, decent time)

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      Brian Paulsen

      I must say that Jean Georges is going in my top 4
      favorite restaurants - service was impeccable and the
      food was simply amazing. Of course, I can't afford to
      eat out again for a long time, but it was well worth

      By the way, for a good service story... We were seated
      near the entrance to the kitchen and as soon as we sat
      (after the maitre'd left us) I told my wife that I
      didn't prefer our seating. I looked around and noticed
      that all of the other tables were full, so there wasn't
      much that could be done. Within five minutes, another
      table left, and the maitre'd apologized for disturbing
      us and asked if we would prefer to move to that table.
      I was very, very impressed.

      As others suggested, we ordered the tasting menu, and
      with the exception of the first dish, everything was
      incredible. I'm sad to say that I was getting too full
      to try the cheese sampler - I'll save room next time!


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        Jojo is my favorite restaurant in New York, but I
        haven't been to Jean Georges. I hear it's more
        expensive. But otherwise, how would you all compare the
        two restaurants?