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Sep 16, 1999 10:06 AM


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Has anyone been to Felidia recently? The messages on
the boards are a year or more old, and they are
decidedly mixed. Any recent impressions?

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  1. Its easy to find much, much better

    1. Went to Felidia about one month ago. The time of your arrival appears to be critically important here.We arrived early, about 5:30 or 6pm. This was a good move as we among the first there and were greeted nicely , seated nicely and had the attention of the waitstaff. We sat upstairs which I recommend highly. Cutting ahead, and while leaving the place about 90 minutes later, the downstairs was packed and looked very cramped to me. I commented that I am glad we sat upstairs as it was a little roomier. Downstairs was tight and did not look comfortable. If you sit upstairs, try to get a table along the railing.Concerning the food, it was very good. We had the olive tasting to start, which was tasty and entertaining. Wine list was fairly priced for a place of this type in Manhattan and the wine was enjoyable. Dishes were prepared well. Interestingly, I have always made it a policy to never eat squab and never have eaten it, but I tried a pasta with a braised squab sauce which began with a reduced veal stock and then had shreaded squab added in. I figured I would be adventurous at a place like this. I flipped out. It was excellent.Lydia B, the owner, makes the grand tour thru the place around 7 to 8pm and greets all her regulars. You kind of feel left out if she does not come over to your table. However, her son, the owner, came to our table and talked a little wine with us. This was a nice touch and made us feel part of the regular crowd. The bill was over $200 but ate well and had items from a to z including wine. You could get out of there for alot less but things add up, especially after the wine kicks in. Go with an expense account buddy for insurance. Enjoy.

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        Rachel Perlow

        "I have always made it a policy to never eat squab and never have eaten it, but..."


      2. I took my wife to F. for her birthday in late August, and we had a delicious meal. Previous poster said $200 for a couple...our grand total was more like $240. Oh well. At least everything was tasty, interesting without being over-the-top stylish, and unusual (I mean that in a good way!). The service was helpful and professional.

        It was the crowd that gave us pause. If, like us, you're not an upper-east-sider, be prepared for an old (not just older, but truly old) crowd, dressed pretty much as they've been dressing for the last 75, 80 years. Oh, and the occasional group of Masters of the Universe bellowing over their single-malts or whatever they were drinking at the table next to us (upstairs). To be fair, this was the first time I've been to F. in several years, so I can't tell if this is a typical Saturday-night crowd.