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Sep 15, 1999 09:12 PM

Calle Ocho

  • j

I have read all the reviews posted and have decided to
take my boyfriend there for his birthday. It is a
surprise and I am excited. I hate to ask, but how much
am I looking to spend for the two of us? I am working
with a grad school budget here, but there is no limit
to my ordering...after all it is his birthday. Thanks.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    See my previous review.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman
      Josh Mittleman

      Dammit. I entered a URL to accompany that post. Let's
      try again.


    2. Jo,

      My experience has been similar to Josh's. The per-
      person damage, including tip, tends to range between
      $40 - 60, the latter only with a mid-priced bottle of
      wine ($30-35 or so) for two and a lot of food.