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Sep 14, 1999 11:01 AM

Small wedding in March

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My daughter and her fiance, who live in Chelsea, are
planning a small (under 100 guests) non-traditional
wedding for late March 2000. Nothing has been settled
yet, including date and place. Ceremony may or may not
take place in same location as reception; music will
be a jazz quartet (dancefloor not required); good food
and drink are musts, not necessarily a sit-down dinner
though. We're open to most ethnic cuisines, not
especially interested in steak houses and the like.
One place under consideration is Il Buco. We'd
appreciate suggestions. Could either be a small
restaurant, private area in a larger place, or a very
good caterer who would provide the food for an event
held in, perhaps, a gallery. All ideas are welcome,
but we must get moving on this ASAP! Thanks-

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  1. You did not say if it was an option to go outside of
    the city.

    Xavier in Garrison, New York, is a located on the
    grounds of the Garrison Country Club. The restaurant
    is owned and operated by the master chef Peter Kelly.
    The food that Peter creates is always acclaimed as
    number 1 by the Zagat reviews.

    The size of your wedding is perfect for this site, he
    does a lovely intimate affair at this restaurant. The
    surroundings are beautiful and late March is a perfect
    time of the year in Garrison. He will do the room
    with style and elegance. Anyone who has dined at any
    of Peter's restaurants know that the food is
    innovative, and presented beautifully.

    They do a wonderful champagne brunch on Sundays, you
    could get a sampling of the food and service.

    The Boat House in Central Park does a nice small
    wedding, the room looks pretty, however, I was not
    impressed with the food.

    If you have your own room, Glorious Foods does a
    wonderful job of catering.

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    1. re: Renee

      A dear friend of mine had her wedding (ceremony and
      all) at the River Cafe in Brooklyn, right underneath
      the Brooklyn Bridge. I have to say, it was an ideal
      location: the ceremony was on the pier, the food was
      terrific, there was room to dance - it was romantic
      and relaxed. She had about 85 people, so I'm pretty
      sure another 15 wouldn't be a problem. I don't know
      how pricey they were, but there's also "Le Gamin" right
      there that has a great space which they are willing to
      rent out. Let us know what happens!

      1. re: Mara
        Jessica Shatan

        I went to a lovely wedding at Moran's near Chelsea (19th and 10th or something). Being the chowhound board I will state right off that the food was good but not the main focus. I'm not even sure if they had an outside caterer or relied on their kitchen.
        I would never have gone in there if not for the wedding and I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful wooden bar and private room with exposed brick, both given to the wedding to use. The service was warm and lovely, the young irish women who worked there were wonderful with the elderly guests. We had the ceremony in the private room, then were ushered into the bar area, with an open bar, buffet of hors d'eouvres and some passed hor d'eovres as well.
        When we got back into the private room it had been transformed into a dining room, with room for a small band, and just enough room for dancing between the tables.
        The ambiance was comfortable, slightly elegant and slightly funky, very New York. And they had 100 people at their wedding.
        Good luck!