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Sep 9, 1999 04:02 PM

Top Chinese Top steak places in Manhattan

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A group of friends will spend some time early November
in beautiful NYC. Can you let me know what the best
Chinese and the best Steak places are this year? Thank
you. Robert Haak

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    Frank Language

    Oh, please, please someone stop me before I tell him
    the best steak place...

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    1. re: Frank Language

      let me make the preemptive strike.

      always a good bet for steak is peter luger's in
      brooklyn, just over the williamsburg. great cuts of
      meat, incredibly tender and their steak sauce is great.
      i usually get my steaks medium, but i think at luger's
      the way to go is medium rare, since they tend to
      overcook a little on the medium.

      if you want to stay in the city, surprisingly, i found
      smith & wollensky the best this year so far. jordan's
      has gone downhill, cite just sucks, and i've never been
      a big fan of sparks or the palm. but s&w had really
      good steaks the last few times i've been. a couple
      years ago i was very unimpressed. i haven't been to
      morton's this year, but i like that place a lot as

      check out the manhattan board a few months back for
      some good chinese places. there's a huge thread on
      chinese greens that i'm sure has tons of names. there
      are also a couple other good threads on individual
      places like ny noodletown i think. good luck.

      1. re: wonki
        Lance McCormick

        Wonki is dead on. If you're looking for the best steak you will ever have, cab it over the bridge to Peter Lugers. And the steak to have is the Porterhouse for 2. Try it you won't be dissappointed. The place itself is a bit of a trip -- definitely not white tablecloth dining. Red checked tablecloths. Old worn wood floors. And very, very bright lighting.

        If you insist on something more refined, Smith & Wollensky is a very good bet. They dry age their beef, and you can definitely taste the difference.

        But with S&W now in Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, etc..., for a true original you've got to try Luger's just once. (Oh yeah, it's cash only!)