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Sep 6, 1999 09:52 PM

bulgarian on canal - an hallucination

  • j

thought I saw a place with a sign "bulgarian
restaurant" driving across Canal Street very late last
night - think its name was something like "Mechanas"
and it was on a southeat corner of Canal with Bway,
Centre St or such. Was this a mirage?

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  1. I THINK this might be the place reviewed by Robert
    Sietsema in the Voice a few weeks ago, and thus, not a
    mirage (and also available online). I could be wrong.
    Maybe he can determine this....

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    1. re: Jessica

      thanks so much Jessica - it was no dream, it was
      (according to Robt's column, 416 B.C. a "mehanata" or
      little tavern, located at 416 Bway, corner of Canal.
      As I noted, it now has a great big "Bulgarian
      Restaurant" sign, or I would never have spotted it.

      My question to Robt is this - is it worthy of a visit
      solely because it is the only Bulgarian in town, or
      because it compares favorably to our other
      balkan/greek/turkish alternatives?

      1. re: jen kalb
        Robert Sietsema

        I'd say it was definitely worth a visit on its own, with the caveat that the proprietors are not the world's most experienced restaurateurs. I'd say the kyopolu (eggplant puree) and kavarma omlet are the best things I've had there so far, and anything with yogurt in it is fab.

        1. re: Robert Sietsema
          Jeremy Osner

          Thanks Jessica, Jen, and Robert for pointing this place
          out -- I missed the review in August; I think I was out
          of town that week. I ate lunch at BC 416 today and came
          away quite happy. The Kyopolu is extraordinary -- one
          of the nicest flavors to come down the pike in a while.
          And a very good mixed grill.

          Note: if you go for lunch and they don't seem to be
          open, be persistent: when I arrived, I could open the
          front door but there was a closed iron gate in front of
          the inner door. But I called from the pay phone on the
          corner (their # is on the awning), and the waitress
          came down and opened it for me. I guess they were in
          the middle of opening.