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Sep 3, 1999 08:07 PM

Shanghai Tang on Houston St.

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Had a super dinner there last Fri - soup dumplings
with a thin, tender skin and very savory pork filling,
pork with bean curd skin and pickled veg (maybe an
acquired taste, but an addicting one - the bean curd
skin is like soft noodles with a very pleasant
textured surface), the best dry-fried green beans weve
had outside of the PRC or Taiwan, properly wrinkled
and chewy and not sweetened and/or slopped up with a
sauce, and shrimp with green tea leaves (a lot of
shrimp, perfectly cooked, with a few threads of tea
leaves giving a slightly astringent quality to them).
All of the dishes were expertly prepared, served wok-
hot, and made us nostalgic for student days in
Taipei. The bill was around $40.00 with 4 Tsingtaos -
and there were plenty of leftovers.
Have not been to the shop in Flushing, so cannot
compare the two, but this is very much a find in an
area relatively bereft of interesting joints that are
not too expensive. Decor also intriguing - lots of
photos of old Shanghai, wood paneling, etc -
authentically relatively plain, but classy. They have
a lot of dishes on the menu that are not commonly seen
in the US as well as a full standard Japanese menu
sushi/yakitori/tempura etc. (which makes me think the
owners are Taiwanese rather than Mainlanders). Did
not try the Japanese stuff.
Well worth a visit when in the area.

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  1. What are the cross streets?

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    1. re: Tobey Klass
      Robert Sietsema

      It's got two entrances, once on Wooster right off of Houston, the other on Houston near W. Broadway. I, too, have had some great meals there, especially the live eels (two types--river and sea) right out of the tank and an amazing dish of tripe. Soup dumplings are above average, but that specialty has sunk to a new low around town, anyway. Service is slow and condescending, though.