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Sep 2, 1999 09:50 PM


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My husband and I get to NYC once per year and are trying to decide where to eat dinner next month. We ate in Roy's in Hawaii several years ago on our honeymoon and loved it, and were wondering how Roy's in New York is? We want someplace with creative food, and a fun, lively atmosphere. Last year we went to the Gotham Bar and Grill and thought it was excellent, just to give you an idea of what our taste is like. So, what do you think of Roy's, is it dead at night because of its location? And if not Roy's, can I have other suugestions. Thanks

PS: What about Balthazar?

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  1. I ate their at lunch a few months ago and it was quite
    good for a Marriott hotel restaurant, but, in the
    Michelin phrase "wasn't worth a detour." The location
    is kind of wierd in that it's in the back of the
    hotel, through a narrow passageway and faces out on a
    low rent steet. I would imagine that it's dead as a
    doornail at night.

    Balthazaar would be a lot more fun.