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Sep 2, 1999 01:44 PM

The downtown divide

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I'm new here so I apologize if you've covered this
Anybody else agree with me that Bubby's is the most
overrated place in Tribeca? More expensive than Odeon,
way dirtier than Odeon, surlier waiters than Odeon,
Anybody else tired of how 'homey' and 'eclectic' now
seem to mean 'dirty' and 'unwashed'?
Or is it just me...

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  1. k
    keith koenigsberg

    Don't know about the homey/dirty rating, maybe it's all
    in the eye of the beholder, but I never noticed a
    problem. But as far as I'm concerned, I've always
    gotten a good meal at Bubby's. (Maybe not as good as it
    used to be, but never disappointed yet) I got a pork
    chop that was bigger than my head, done nice and juicy
    and rare-ish, and truly delicious, just a couple of
    weeks ago.

    Odeon? I get a real Los Angeles beautiful-people only,
    you-are-an-outsider feel when I've gone there
    (infrequent). Despite the fact that I thought the food
    was decent, I hate the hostile vibe.

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    1. re: keith koenigsberg

      Wow. Could it have been the same night I ordered the
      pork chop rare, too, and it came back way over done?
      I review places on the side and have been sent to
      Bubby's four times and each time got worse. Last time,
      my reviewing partner said, "I don't care if we do get
      this meal free. I'm not coming here again."
      I thought the same thing about Odeon, too, but after
      the first visit, came away very pleased. They've since
      always been very nice - even to shlumpy me in shorts
      and flip flops - and never had any attitude. That may
      be because I tend to go there on Sunday evenings, most
      likely a local night out.
      What do you think about Bodega?

      1. re: Liza
        keith koenigsberg

        never been to bodega, whassat?

        1. re: keith koenigsberg

          Bodega is across W.Bwy from Odeon, opened by former
          Odeon people. And yippee, next to Bodega we're getting
          a Petite Abielle. Bodega is large portions of salads,
          sandwiches, nothing too exacting. Drinks are better
          than eats.

        2. re: Liza

          Hi Liza

          welcome to

          Do you review anonymously?

          1. re: Jim Leff

            This sounds better said in a bad accent, but yes, I
            review anonomously. They are reviews mostly of the
            service - from the reservation to the goodbye.
            Restaurant owners who want to know that the customer
            is being treated well. We also get into small details:
            salt and pepper shakers, cleanliness of menus and
            bathrooms, that sort of thing.