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great african food

keith koenigsberg Sep 1, 1999 09:58 AM

On Saturday a friend and I ate at Obaa Koryoe, an
African restaurant which has been mentioned on this
bulletin board once before (see link). The place was
empty, and I wonder if they are doing enough business.
The food was superbe, exotic, and cheap, so I urge
everyone to patronize this place.

The menu is huge and I regret that I didn't have a big
appetite that night. I sampled "Omotou with Peanut
Soup," made with fish. It was so good I keep thinking
about going right back for more. The Omotuo is mashed
rice reformed into a kind of dumpling, the peanut soup
was thick and just spicy enough. The fish was a dense,
oily, fishy fish, like bluefish. Oh man, it was so

My companion had "FuFu with peanut soup, Esquishie, and
Black-Eyed peas." (We should have coordinated better,
but we both wanted dishes with peanut soup.) The FuFu
or the Esquishie (I don't know which) was a pounded
yam, boiled and reformed into a dense dumpling, and the
other was a mix of a green vegetable (spinach?) with
spices and pepper which was reminiscent of some
kimchees I've had. It was remarkable.

The restaurant is at 3143 Broadway, near 125th street.
No need to fear the neighborhood as far as I'm
concerned. I'm looking at the menu now and I just
noticed "sundays all you can eat buffet." I've got a
new favorite restaurant.

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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  1. l
    Liza RE: keith koenigsberg Sep 2, 1999 01:49 PM

    If you liked that place, head right back downtown some
    other day for Tiffin, a new South Indian place on
    Murray Street in Tribeca. Very authentic - according
    to an Indian friend of mine. Lots of heat and spice,
    but not sweat-pouring-down-your-forehead insanity.
    Really complex flavors, very satisfying.

    1. d
      David Tillyer RE: keith koenigsberg Sep 3, 1999 06:27 PM

      Another African restaurant that I just found and think
      is really a lot of fun is called simply "Africa". It's
      on 53rd just east of 9th Avenue. It is Senagalese, I
      believe and you won't be served alcohol. They have
      substantial portions at very reasonable prices. I
      wouldn't go there on a low-cholesterol diet, but it is
      marvelous food served in a gracious atmosphere.

      The female servers all have wonderful traditional
      outfits on and there are terrific designs on mirrors
      around the walls. It's a very pleasant experience for
      lunch or dinner.
      Peace, David Tillyer

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      1. re: David Tillyer
        Robert Sietsema RE: David Tillyer Sep 6, 1999 10:55 AM

        This restaurant, formerly known as Africa Restaurant #2, is the sister of the original, and even better, Africa Restaurant on W 116th Street near 8th Ave. There are also Guinean, Ivory Coast, and Malian establishments on the same two-block strip, if you want to branch out.

        There are also plenty of Ghanaian and Nigerian places in Brooklyn and the Bronx, less above ground than Obaa Koryoe, but with better food.

        1. re: David Tillyer
          Bob Dively RE: David Tillyer Sep 7, 1999 09:52 AM

          I've never been there myself, but a friend and his
          wife received a grade-A dose of food poisoning after
          eating there.

          1. re: Bob Dively
            Robert Sietsema RE: Bob Dively Sep 7, 1999 12:59 PM

            What did you eat there that gave you food poisoning? There is usually an obvious culprit.

            1. re: Robert Sietsema
              Bob Dively RE: Robert Sietsema Sep 17, 1999 03:55 PM

              It was some friends that ate there, not me, and I
              don't know what they had. Wasn't shellfish, though,
              as I know they don't eat it.

        2. p
          Pam Sommers RE: keith koenigsberg Sep 3, 1999 08:46 PM

          For outstanding Senagalese food: Chez Gnagna Koty's; 530
          9th Avenue between 39th & 40th. Lots of fish,
          everything delicious and spicy, large portions, low
          prices, charming people and service. Too tired to go
          into great detail right now (and think I may have here a
          while ago when someone was looking for good eats in
          Hell's Kitchen) but highly recommend you check it out.
          Could work for pre-theater too if you leave enough time
          for a brisk walk before curtain time. Don't miss their
          fresh Ginger Pineapple drink.

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