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Aug 30, 1999 03:31 PM

Balducci's sold?

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I just read on the web that Balducci's has been sold
to Sutton Place Gourmet. Anyone know if this is true?

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  1. Sutton Place Gourmet....they have a few
    stores in the area Around Washington DC, Bethesda and
    Northern Va. . They're an upscale specialty foods type
    of place. Similar to Eli's in some respects. Around
    here they've also bought the Haydays chain which is in
    southern Connecticut and Scarsdale.

    Will Balducci's suffer?...probably to some degree

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    1. re: Michael

      Unfortunately, Balducci's will probably suffer in the
      sale, but I can't deny that I'm still excited about a
      rumor I heard that Balducci's might be opening up on
      70th street and Broadway. Has anyone else heard this?
      It would be a welcome addition to those of us in the
      west 60's who don't always want to head up to Fairway
      and Citarella, and get stuck with Food Emporium's poor
      quality and exorbitant prices.

      1. re: kate
        Frank Language

        I thought a few - 5+ - years ago when I went to
        Balducci's they had already been sold. I'm not too
        worried about any impending sale; they ain't what they
        used to be. (Although nothing in New York is ever what
        it used to be.)

        Oh - and I just found out there's no website at
        "balducci'". Maybe they'll add a website.

        1. re: Frank Language

          Go to "" (leave off the "'s". It's