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Aug 29, 1999 11:09 PM

The American-in-Paris Foodies: Success

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Just got back from dinner at Babbo, and I think it was
a success. I certaintly enjoyed it tremendously. My
godfather and his family seemed pretty pleased,
although I think the format kind of threw them. For 6
of us, we shared 2 antipasti, 2 primi, and three
secondi. My godfather confided that he really didn't
like sharing, normally, but was having fun.

Earlier, someone mentioned the service. Our waiter
was absolutely fabulous (and very, very attractive -
he told us he was a saxophone player and I wish I
remembered the name of his band), fielding questions
about everything, including where the meat came from
and what kind of potatoes were used. There was
another man, in a suit, I'm not sure what his job was,
but I saw him slice meat and filet fish, he was on
thin ice in the question answering department. He
seemed to think that we would be impressed that so
many things came from "Europe" - my dining companions,
of course, were not. I thought he was a little too
eager. But, as I said, our waiter was fantastic, and
overall the service was excellent. And, believe me,
my godfather and his family gave the entire staff a
run for their money. (My friends even asked what kind
of coffee was served, were appalled, and didn't order
any. Are there any chowhounds out there who ask
questions like that?)

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  1. My British friend judges a restaurant based on their
    coffee!! Speaking of ... Luzia's (Upper West Side
    Portuguese restaurant)has great coffee.