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Aug 23, 1999 12:51 PM

Wine tasting

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Hey--I'm looking for a wine/winetasting course in
Manhattan. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Check the New School.

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    1. re: Renee

      Zraly's course at Windows on the World is probably the
      most extensive - as well as the most expensive.
      (There's a waiting list to get into the one that starts
      in a few weeks. I know because I'm on it.) I've
      enjoyed tastings with Willie Gluckstern, aka "The Wine
      Avenger." Willie is notoriously opinionated --
      e.g. he despises Chardonnay and all other "oaked" white
      wines and expects everyone to agree with him -- but his
      tastings are both educational and fun. You can check
      his website at for details about
      tastings. The New School classes are good, but I think
      Willie's are a better value for the money. (We tasted
      literally dozens of wine one time, including some
      expensive bottlings, such as a "super-second" growth
      Bordeaux). NYU's Food Studies Department also offers
      occasional tastings.

      1. re: Fay

        Also: International Wine Center. Offers intro and
        more advanced courses - multiple weeks. Don't have the
        number anymore but they're in the book.

        1. re: Fay
          Rachel Perlow

          I concur with previous post about Willie Gluckstern's classes, "Wines for Food". Jason and I went to the White Wine class last night. He repeats a lot of the stuff in his book, but the tasting was quite educational. Especially for me, a non-wine person who's never been to a tasting before. After last night I agree with him when it comes to Chardonnay. When tasted next to some lovely Rieslings, you couldn't spit it out fast enought (and at 2-3X the price to boot)!

          Since I have it in front of me, here's the schedule of upcoming classes he offers:

          Wed. Nov. 17: Red Wine
          Wed. Dec. 1: My Favorite Germanics
          Wed. Dec. 8: Annual Champagne Taste-Off
          Mon. Jan. 10: White Wine
          Tue. Feb. 15: Wines of Italy
          Mon. Feb. 28: Wines of France

          You are served samples of four wines at a time at the tasting. We tried 33 different wines last night. You are given water, nuts, french bread and cheese as palatte cleansers. These were no slouches, either. The nuts were very fresh almonds and the cheese was a Dutch Pirana (sp?), both from Fairway.

          For prices and more details, check out the link below.



      2. You've probably got 15 or 20 options in NYC for wine
        tasting classes. Perhaps, more.

        I believe the absolute best is given by Kevin Zraly
        (sp?) in the World Trade Towers - I'm not sure if it is
        through the restaurant there - the name of which I
        cannot remember.

        Also, try the cooking schools. I know Peter Kump's
        used to have a wine tasting series. I wouldn't be
        surprised if the French Culinary Institute also offered

        You could also contact a good wine store like Sherry
        Lehman and ask them who they recommend.