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Aug 23, 1999 11:50 AM

Chinese banquet suggestions?

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I'm looking for a place in Chinatown to hold a 90th
birthday dinner for a relative. This won't be an
extremely sophisticated crowd, so I want something that
offers a mixture of dishes to appeal to both the very
Western palate and the slightly adventurous. I think
we'll have 40 or 50 people. Past discussion on Chinese
banquets has recommended Fuleen Seafood Restaurant at
11 Division St., Jin Fong on Elizabeth St., Harmony
Palace on Mott, and various other places.

Anyone have comments to add?

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  1. The Nice Restaurant on E. B'way.

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    1. re: steve d.

      Yup - I have to agree. Terrific food, cheerful
      service, inexpensive as banquests might go. We chose a
      fixed-price menu and modified a few dishes at no extra
      cost. Ask for "Chuck" - he's very helpful and will be
      pleased to have been recommended. Have fun - it's a
      great idea!