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Aug 20, 1999 01:30 PM

Casual dinner

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Greetings from Boston!

My husband and I are going to be in NYC for one
Saturday night in September. Normally, we'd find a
fabulous restaurant and "go to town" regardless of cost
but this time, we're going out with others who prefer
casual atmospheres. In addition, cost is an issue for

So...after a fair amount of research, I decided on the
restaurant "Po" only to find out that they will be
closed for vacation....then, I picked out "Le Tableau"
but they don't take reservations and that always makes
me nervous.

So, now what? I'd like a comfortable place where we
can be casually dressed. Reservations. Good food and
wine. Moderately priced (entrees < $20 or so).

Some places I've picked up on:
il Bagatto
Cub Room Cafe
i Coppi (though, some negatives on this board,
including cost)

I've searched these messages, the NYtimes and it's hard to get a feel for
the places....

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Since you mentioned Le Tableau, you should try Coup
    which is one block away on E 6th St. I only had
    drinks and apps there, but judging from what little I
    ate, the food was quite good. If you go on the early
    side (before 8 pm) I don't think you'll have any
    problems getting in.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong

      I did not like Le Tableau, but I really liked Casimir
      on Avenue B between 6 and 7th streets. It's a
      moderately priced bistro with a local clientele and a
      nice selection of French wines. Also good is a
      Turkish restaurant The Sultan, Second Avenue between
      74 and 75 streets.

      1. re: debbie
        Frank Language

        Oh, and as far as I know, Il Bagatto is no more -
        unless it rose from the proverbial ashes.

        1. re: Frank Language

          I have heard from reliable sources that Il Bagatto is
          just on vacation for the month of August. No ashes

        2. re: debbie

          I want to go to Le Tableau one of these days, but I've
          seen a substantial line outside sometimes (esp.
          weekends). Do they take reservations?

          1. re: Michael

            Not that I recall (my friend made the arrangements).
            If I remember correctly it's only for 6 or more but I
            couldn't swear to it.

      2. The downstairs "bread bar" at Tabla falls into your
        price range if I remember the numbers correctly. A la
        carte, unlike upstairs' prix fixe. And excellent food,