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Aug 19, 1999 10:11 PM

Divine Carribean food on the Upper West... No, really!

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I've just had deeply yummy food two nights in a row at
Ansuya's Carribean Cafe on (411A Amsterdam between
80/81st?). I'm already dreaming about dinner there
tomorrow too! EVERYTHING we've tried from the ox
tail, to the coconut crab curry, to the salmon has
been sublime. A religious experience. I can't remember
the last time vegetables and fish where cooked to
perfection rather than beyond recognition... Haven't
had it yet, but the jerk chicken looks divine. Even
the salad dressing is lip-smacking. VERY reasonable
prices. Tiny casual place ( 20 seats and plastic
floral tablecloths). The service can be a little
slow. Both nights we were there the owner was doing
unexpected waitress duty when she's really used to
being back in the kitchen. But she's so good natured
and sweet that the uneveness manages to contribute to
the intimate "homey-ness" of the experience. Run
don't walk! Would love to know what you all think...

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  1. I ate there tonight with my brother; I had a nice
    evening (it's a cute little place, and the staff is
    friendly) but I think it's a reeeal stretch to call
    their food "divine". The oxtails I ordered were quite
    tasty -- I would say they were the best thing on the
    table. My brother's curried goat was blah (though the
    dal fritters that came with it were quite good). The
    real problem with the meal was: bad rice 'n peas, bad

    The rice 'n peas was flavorless and hard; the roti was
    tough and stale -- impossible to eat unless you scooped
    up a lot of sauce to moisten it. Starches are to me,
    the root of the dinner. The oxtails seemed like someone
    had really put some care into cooking them; I just
    couldn't for the life of me understand why they would
    not put such care into cooking the stew and then slack
    off on the rice 'n peas, arguably much less trouble to
    cook well! And as for bad roti, well...

    Ah well, better luck next time. (Somewhere elee.)

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    1. re: Jeremy

      Oh no! I'm sorry your experience fell short Jeremy!
      All things we ordered were off of the nightly special
      menu. Perhaps that made a difference? I've been back
      twice since my original posting. And I still stand by
      my original "divine" adjective. Especially the
      salmon -- that I call "ultra-divine." Definitely made
      with loving care.