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Aug 18, 1999 11:26 PM

What's the word on Velli?

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Anybody have an opinion about Velli, on Houston?
Food, atmosphere, price, etc.

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  1. I used to go there often when it first opened. The
    food was good - consistently reliable. The prices
    were low and the atmosphere warm and inviting. The
    last few vistits, however, were marred by incredibly
    rude and inept service by two particular waiters.
    They were the stereotypical snooty, nasty french
    waiters. Every reasonable request was met by a snide
    remark or simply ignored. And the food went downhill
    in a big way. Needless to say, I am not in any hurry
    to go back, but if you do visit the restaurant, I
    would be interested in hearing about your experience.

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    1. re: Alex

      I had a different experience at Velli.

      My take on Velli is that it was trying to pan itself
      off as a value place: high quality at low prices.

      What I found was that it was really low quality
      masquerading as high quality. My only comment is that
      you get what you pay for - places like Velli prove
      that. (Same for his other restaurant Jean
      Claude - sure you can serve foie gras for $8.00 a
      portion, but it's grade B or grade C foie gras).

    2. I went there shortly after it opened and was praised
      in the Times by Asimov in "Cheap Eats" The first time
      was quite good, especially the Veal Chop at a great
      price.....went back 3 times, each time the quality
      went down a little while the prices went up. I've
      stopped going.

      1. Had a really disappointing meal at Velli a couple of days ago. I love salmon and orzo, but with the special "saffron sauce" it tasted medicinal. The salad was soggy with balsamic vinegar. The waitress was lovely and genuinely concerned, and brought us chocolate mousse on the house. My friend and I tried it and left the rest--it had a kind of chemical banana flavor. How can you mess up chocolate mousse?! Much as I liked the people, I won't go back.

        "You get what you pay for" is usually true, but $6 for a soggy bunch of greens and $13.50 for inedible fish still makes me feel cheated.