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Aug 18, 1999 02:56 AM

Can, Mono, Mr. K's, Patroon, Scarabees, Shaan, etc.

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Anyone have any very positive or negative comments about Can, Mono, Mr. K's, Patroon, Scarabees, Shaan, Matthew's, Match Uptown, Park View at Boathouse?

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  1. Had a very nice meal there last March.

    Very good food, very reasonable prices. Not much by
    way of ambiance for a moderately priced place, but if
    you're going purely for the food , I think it's

    Some good dishes: grilled octopus salad, asparagus
    salad, squab with truffle brioche bread pudding,
    paella, pear tatin with fromage blanc sorbet and rose
    flavored creme brulee with pistachio biscotti.

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    1. re: JMinNYC

      Thanks for the information.
      Did you describe Can?

        1. re: JMinNYC

          Can is a Vietnamese restaurant with good food, a
          little expensive for what it is (about $35 pp) but
          overall moderately priced. We were there on a summer
          weekend at 3:00 in the afternoon, so it wasn't
          crowded, but I would go there again.

        2. re: Tony Jones

          Haven't been to Can. Lo siento.