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Aug 17, 1999 05:54 PM

Vegetarian-friendly French, Italian or American

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I'll try to make this query as specific as possible.
I've seen what you do to out-of-towners with vague
My wife (a vegetarian) and I (decidedly carnivorous)
are coming to NYC from corn country, Columbus, OH, and
would like to find a vegetarian-friendly restaurant
with good food that also delivers the New York
restaurant experience without breaking the bank (under
$100, with a couple drinks and tip). Having been to
NYC several times on a student-type budget, I've been
to plenty of the funky, ethnic holes in the wall - and
loved them! Now I'm looking for something a little
nicer. Any Manhattan location is fine, although we're
staying on the Upper East Side (at the Barbizon Hotel
- any comments on this place are also welcome).

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  1. Gramercy Tavern has a vegetable tasting menu that sounds incredible, although I've never had it. I'm sure it's wonderful, considering that I've never had anything bad there.


    1. Try lunch at Cello, a very fine UES seafood restaurant with a great-looking vegetarian (though not vegan) tasting menu. $35 prix fixe at lunch; about double that at dinner.