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Aug 17, 1999 10:47 AM

warm bread pudding at circo

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went to osteria del circo last night. they had this
dessert special of warm bread pudding topped with
caramelized pecans. it was awesome. if you're ever
there and see it on the menu, you must order it.

everything else was hit or miss. the tuna tartar was
lame. skip it. the lobster salad was excellent.
egi's ravioli was great. the agnolotti with shrimp and
corn in curry sauce was awful. the red snapper okay.

i loved the room and service was good. sorry can't go
into details about the food but i'm pressed for time.
more later. thanks!


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  1. Mmmmm. That sounds wonderful! Does Circo seem like
    the kind of place that would be amenable to you having
    an appetizer, glass of wine and dessert? For some
    reason, I don't think I could eat that after an entree
    but I'd love to try it. (...and given your lukewarm
    review of the rest of what you ate, that might be the
    way to go.)

    Your description reminds me of this dessert that I had
    in the Ivy in London called Sticky Toffee Pudding. It
    was sinfully sweet and rich to the nth degree and was
    one of the most divine things I've ever eaten! Moist,
    warm, soft and luscious. I found a recipe for it in a
    special London Restaurants issue of Bon Apetit and it
    brought it all back to me. I'll make it in the Fall.
    Too unctuous for hot weather...

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    1. re: Pam Sommers

      i don't think they would mind if you did that. after
      all, you're the diner and you can order what you want.
      maybe if you tell them up front that's what you plan
      on doing they won't be offended. i think you can get a
      full meal there though and still get the bread pudding.
      start with the lobster salad, go with an appetizer
      portion of egi's ravioli (with the sage butter sauce)
      or a pizza, and then get the bread pudding.

      the bread pudding is actually not too heavy or
      exceedingly sweet. it is heavenly though and sounds
      similar to what you describe. it's maybe the size of a
      hockey puck, or for a better visual, a warm chocolate
      torte. make sure though that it's on the menu that day
      as it's a daily special and not a regular menu item.

      1. re: wonki

        I've peeked into this place a few times when I've gone
        to a movie at the Ziegfeld, but the timing has never
        worked out. Now I'm motivated to plan ahead! I've
        also heard that they have bomboloni in the morning -
        these amazing sort of custard filled donuts my husband
        & I became addicted to in Florence on a recent trip.
        We more or less ate them in every bomboloni stall,
        bakery and cafe that we could find them in - it became
        a mission. Unfortunately, there is barely the
        slightest chance I'll ever be near Osteria del Circo
        in the morning but you never know...!

        1. re: Pam Sommers
          Frank Language

          For what it's worth, when I was a student - and had
          more discretionary income than I have now - I often
          went to places and ordered just whatever dessert caught
          my eye. At Ernie's on the Upper West Side, I tried the
          "Death By Chocolate", for instance. I was pretty
          unapologetic about taking up a whole table (for 2) by
          myself, and it's true what Wonki says: you're the

          I never could reserve for 1 at Princess Pamela's,
          though; they always hung up on me.

          1. re: Pam Sommers

            didn't know they did that with the bomboloncini.
            that'd be great though. the actual dessert comes three
            to a plate with passion fruit and some other fruit
            sauce underneath. the donuts are great, though mini
            size, and come filled with chocolate, custard, and
            raspberry jelly. good luck!