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Aug 16, 1999 09:27 AM


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Anyone been here recently? How was it?

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  1. Ate there as recently as June. I highly recommend this
    place as it has remained consistent over the past three
    years that it's been open and the prices haven't gone
    up much either.

    Great mushroom strudel - don't leave without ordering
    it. Good salads, soups and seafood appetizers as well.
    Very reliable, consistent entrees as well. Terrific
    shell steak with shallot reduction, great chicken with
    polenta, pretty good pasta dishes. Even the desserts
    are good. I had a great strawberry/rhubarb crisp and a
    decent lemon meringue tart, as well.

    I really like this place as you can see. Anytime a
    restaurant provides such consistency and value, I
    feel it deserves the support of the
    restaurant-going public. (And, no - I don't know
    anyone who works there.)

    1. Loved Indigo when I went in April. (not so recent)
      Thought the menu was exceptionally thoughtful with
      nice mix of fish, fowl, hoof, etc. The prices were
      amazing. Execution terrific - not boringly spiced at
      all. We loved it.

      1. went to indigo a while back but had a great meal there
        at a reasonable price. a real sleeper.

        and if you like indigo, you should check out veritas as
        it's the same chef, scott bryan. it's a bit more
        expensive but the food's great and so is the service
        and atmosphere. great wine list too (which is really
        what they're known for).