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Aug 15, 1999 06:52 PM

Sunday Brunch

  • å

A friend of mine and myself will visit N.Y. in october.
This is her first trip to USA / New York and since we
arrive late saturday evening, the sunday brunch will
be one of the first things "to do" in N.Y.
I would really appreciate some suggestions /
information concerning good but not too expensive
Manhattan restaurants. Quality of food / price is more
important than location of the restaurant (our hotel
is located close to Times Square and the subway
stations nearby).

Thanks in advance

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  1. I was the one who recommended to Ake that he check out
    this board, so I'd like to nip any snide remarks in the
    bud (please).

    Ake, I must say, you did not read my suggestion in very thoroughly. My
    recommendation was that you SEARCH THIS BOARD
    that, and then please post any questions in the
    relevant thread. The people on this board have posted a
    lot of information, and they respect people who do
    their homework. Look at the "The Best" board, too.



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    1. re: Michael


      Thank you very much for your suggestions and the
      information. Sorry if I have broken the rules of the
      newsgroup. The reason is simply that I posted my
      questions, first in "chowhound" and then in "usa-
      canada" just a couple of minutes later. With no
      earlier experience I did not know that exactly the
      same people read both groups.
      With all my respect for the people on this board I
      will certainly try to do my homework better next time.
      I do not intend to cause any unnecessary problems.



      1. re: Åke Björk


        No, the exact same people do not read and this board. My point was and
        is simply that you should do a search under the word
        "brunch" and read those messages before posting your
        question. Frankly, I don't care all that much, but
        there are some regular posters here who tend to make
        very sarcastic and snide remarks to new posters who ask
        questions without reading relevant previous posts
        first. I wouldn't want you to get sniped at by them.
        That's all.

        I take it that you have by now done the search? If you
        need help on how to search, please email me.

        1. re: Michael

          Aww...we're not evil villains, waiting to pounce on newcomers here. Just snide. And hungry almost all the time.

          1. re: Al Pastor

            hey michael, lighten up. you need to get out of the
            city for an afternoon.

            1. re: richard

              "hey michael, lighten up. you need to get out of the
              city for an afternoon."

              I'm just trying to protect Ake from snide remarks. I've
              seen what tends to happen to people who post questions
              here without reading up first. And since I advised him
              to check out this board, I felt responsible. OK? Shut
              up now. [big smile, no offense intended]

    2. I would recomend Docks at 40th street and 3rd Avenue.
      It's about$10 a person (could have gone up since i've
      been there) and there's a good selection and nice
      atmosphere. They take reservations, so no wait.