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Aug 13, 1999 09:53 PM

need great restaurant that is well-lit

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My brother is turning 50 in a few weeks, and I'm
planning to take him and his wife to dinner to
celebrate. He is visually impaired and cannot see in
the dark at all, so I need to find a place that has
both great food and really good lighting. Cost isn't
really an issue, since I'm willing to splurge for the
occasion, but they're pretty down-to-earth people and
probably wouldn't feel comfortable in a tony place
like Daniel or Aureole (both of which are reasonably
well-lit, if I recall correctly). I was considering
Union Square Cafe, but I had dinner at the bar there a
few weeks ago and just wasn't wowed by the food
(second time this has happened to me at that
restaurant). I haven't been to Grammercy Tavern or
Veritas -- can anyone comment on the lighting in
either place, or offer an alternative suggestion?

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  1. Try the Gotham Bar and Grill...........reasonably well
    lit, good food, great wait staff and enjoyable.

    1. I'm a fan of both Gotham and Gramercy Tavern.
      Gramercy is quite light; Gotham is darker if my
      recollection is correct, but not so dark that a
      nonimpaired person couldn't read the menu.

      Haven't been to Veritas.

      Other than the fine service and hospitality, I don't
      associate Union Square with Gramercy Tavern. The food
      is quite different and, IMO, superior at GT.

      1. Veritas is not well lit at all. Gramercy Tavern is
        lighted pretty well, but if I had to choose, I would
        pick Gotham Bar & Grill hands down.

        1. I have had a few very enjoyable meals at Campagna.
          The rooms are well-lit and, in my experience, the food
          has been excellent. It's definitely upscale (pricey)
          but, once you get past the host's station, not at all
          fancy or intimidating.

          1. Veritas is great, but *dark.*
            Gotham is dark-ish.
            Gramercy is definitely the best lit of the three, esp
            in the cafe area. Also with that special Danny
            Meyerland hospitality, maybe you can call in advance
            and have them up the wattage above your table.

            Walk by at night--you'll be see how dark the first two
            are from the street. Gramercy's dining room is more
            hidden, though.