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Aug 11, 1999 06:52 PM

Good Food for First Trip to NY?

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My husband and I will be visiting NY for the first
time and we love good food! Any recommendations of
great places we should try? He'll be there for 2
weeks (Manhattan) and I'll be in for a long weekend.
Appreciate your expert advice :-)

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  1. Here we go again, before any regular hounds here get
    testy .....

    Hi Melissa -- I suggest that you read through the tons
    of posts on this message board first. We will be
    happy to answer any specific questions that you have.
    Right now, we don't know what your likes and dislikes
    are, what kind of cusine you are interested in, etc.
    etc. There are great places at all price levels. The
    more specific your questions are, the better we can

    After you have read through some of the posts, please
    come back here and we'll try our best to help you out.

    1. hi, and welcome, melissa!

      Go back to the index for this (Manhattan) message
      board. You'll find a loooong list of messages
      containing thousands of expert tips. If you have
      specific interests, by all means let us know!

      And if you have any tips for good eats wherever you're
      from (our audience is international), do tell (on the
      appropriate message board!). We're a volunteer
      community here, and love to swap knowledge.


      The Management

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      1. re: Jim Leff
        Frank Language

        Well, they could always try Tad's Steaks...

        1. re: Frank Language

          Is it really necessary to be so snide? These people
          are coming to NY for the first time. Nice impression
          to give them. See Jim Leff's follow-up response as an
          example of a gracious answer.

          1. re: Dena


            I don't think Frank was trying to be snide...the Tad's
            reference is an inside joke, referring to another
            thread. No harm done...

            1. re: Jim Leff

              Obviously "Frank" was being snide, and it wasn't an "inside joke" -- it was just the same crack that's gotten way too much use already. At least come up with fresh material if you're going to be nasty to newcomers.

              And Jim, I don't understand why you're so tolerant/supportive of this sort of thing. Do you really want Chowhound to be another site full of cutesy insider references and feral attacks on unwary newbies who say the wrong thing? There are two or three people who seem to make it their mission in life to drive away anyone who doesn't know the secret handshake. That's their affair, but I would think you would want to discourage it, not support it.

              1. re: steve d.

                Well, I guess I just have a much, much greater
                tolerance for wise-ass remarks than you do!

                I'm glad that you seem to enjoy the site in spite of
                our less serious, more irreverant and edgy posters. I
                personally prefer a mix.

                In fact, I think these boards are, for the most part,
                TOO serious and TOO polite. I'd kind of like it if
                things were more rollicking. More boroughs-ish. Bugs
                Bunny was a chowhound (chow-hare?), I just know it...


                1. re: Jim Leff

                  There's a difference between the general tone of the
                  board and the attitude towards new people.

                  I, like Jim, would like a more rollicking atmosphere in
                  general on the board. I like it when people talk
                  frankly, especially when they are frequent posters.

                  OTOH, when a new person does something that irritates
                  you, why not either a) ignore it b) give constructive
                  criticism, or c) if you must reply, do so privately? I
                  can't speak for all the posters on this list, but *I*
                  have certainly done some stupid things. I would NOT
                  have appreciated rude comments about it. It detracts
                  from the list, and drives away people who might (just
                  might) have something useful to say.

                  1. re: Peter

                    Thanks for speaking up, Peter! I agree (especially re:
                    the frank talk...we're way too timid about expressing
                    disagreement); the very last thing any of us want is
                    for new people to feel intimidated about speaking up.
                    We have thousands of silent "lurkers", and their voices
                    would be welcome additions to the mix.

                    But let me draw an important distinction that I (and
                    most of the longtime regulars) make:

                    There are two kinds of "new faces" on these boards.
                    There are those who've taken a minute to check out the
                    site and get a sense of what we're about. They've
                    bothered to notice that these message boards have tens
                    of thousands of tips, and so they know better than to
                    post generic queries like "Where's good to eat in

                    Then there are the ones who dive in requesting
                    unchowhoundish advice about topics previously addressed
                    ad nauseum. They've not read a darned thing, they're
                    just expecting us to serve their needs. Understand
                    this: is NOT a service promising dining
                    advice to all comers. We're an open, friendly community
                    that swaps tips and finds (and offers guidance to
                    sincere newcomers). Posters who ask oblivious generic
                    questions aren't here for the community, they rarely
                    offer info in return, and, in fact, seldom even return
                    to read replies to their queries! Such postings, to me,
                    are just a notch or two above spam.

                    Of course, there's no reason ANYONE should be treated
                    really badly...but a wise-ass reply at least breaks up
                    the monotony. I get really bored reading these kinds of
                    messages, and I'm sure you all do, too. And since,
                    again, most of these non-sequitor new arrivals don't
                    return after posting, we're basically just amusing each

                    This said, I really hope lurkers realize they won't be
                    jumped on for asking naive questions. Savvy is NOT a
                    prerequisite--naivete is not the problem! We'll gladly
                    explain, say, how to order sushi, pronounce "arepa" or
                    calculate a 15% tip to any sincere newbies. All we ask
                    is that people have a clue re: what the site's about
                    and show some indication of understanding our


                    1. re: Jim Leff

                      Yet again, response postings from everyone but the
                      original author...silence speaks volumes.

                      1. re: Mara

                        I don't think it's because she was scared off. In fact, for all we know, she might have loved Tad's Steaks.

                        1. re: Mara

                          "Yet again, response postings from everyone but the
                          original author...silence speaks volumes"

                          mara--I don't think Melissa ever even saw any replies.
                          Once again, those who leave hasty generic messages
                          without checking out the site first rarely ever come
                          back to read replies. There are exceptions, of course,
                          but that's the general rule.


                          1. re: Jim Leff

                            Jim and I were the first two to post a nice message
                            saying to look through our boards first, and then come
                            back with specific questions. There was only one
                            small instance of smart-alecky remark which came later.

                            Yeah, I guess silence does speak volumes.

                      2. re: Peter

                        Exactly. I personally am fond of wise-ass remarks (ask anyone who hangs out with me) and enjoy rollicking atmospheres -- but there's a big difference between being smartass to a pal who will return the favor with interest, everyone enjoying the process, and doing it to someone just stumbling onto the site without knowing all the rules and regulations. It's as if someone approaches you on the street, clothes and demeanor screaming "tourist," and asks which way Broadway is; the jerks I mentioned in my previous posting would probably deliberately point them in the wrong direction, reasoning that there were too many tourists in town and they were tired of these boring questions -- every goddam one wants to know where B'way is! That attitude reflects a contempt for anyone but the in-group that I think should have no place on this site (or anywhere else, but that's another diatribe).

                        1. re: steve d.

                          "It's as if someone approaches you on the street,
                          clothes and demeanor screaming "tourist," and asks
                          which way Broadway is; the jerks I mentioned in my
                          previous posting would probably deliberately point them
                          in the wrong direction"

                          I don't think that's an appropriate analogy. Better:
                          someone cuts in front of the long line at John's Pizza
                          on a Saturday night, gets seated, and asks--having past
                          the several huge "WE DON'T SERVE SLICES!!!" signs--for
                          two slices. And someone at the next table--having
                          observed all this--sends him to Sbarro.

                          Your analogy refers to innocent, naive people, and
                          naive posters are treated well here. But it's really
                          quite rude and boorish to enter a discussion group (in
                          cyberspace or elsewhere) without taking a moment to
                          ascertain the tone and content of the discussion...and
                          without first checking to see whether your issue's
                          previously been discussed ad nauseum.

          2. To Jim, Frank, Dean, Peter, Melissa, Gary, Al, and all
            The Rest:

            What's wrong with Tad's Steak House?

            Tasteless in NYC

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            1. re: petefeliz

              Oh my God! He's....he's back!

              Pete Feliz, ladies and gentlemen...

            2. Well, I've read all of your reponses and just have to say no wonder people have such negative attitudes about New Yorker's! Have you taken a minute to actually listen to yourselves??

              All I really wanted was some advice on a nice restaurant that my husband and I could visit while we were on our first visit to NYC from LA and all you did was bicker with each other and assume that I was an idiot for not reading the bazillion posts on your site.

              In fact, I did read through many of them but there are so many that you've all spoken of it was too much to digest and I was hoping that there were a couple of top picks that you could point out.

              As it turns out we had a lovely trip, had an amazing steak dinner (not at Tad's), and I can't wait to come back to the city - I'll just remember where not to ask for future dining advice.