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Aug 6, 1999 11:01 AM

Good Service at Bright Food Shop

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Went to the Bright Food Shop in Chelsea after seeing
Blair Witch Project last night (jury still out on that
one) for dinner. We sat, ordered drinks and food, got
our drinks, and waited. After a while, I noticed that
the people sitting next to us, who had been seated
after us, had already gotten their appetizers.

I mentioned this to the waiter, who went back to the
kitchen to check on the order. He came back,
apologized profusely, and promised that the food would
be out shortly. Indeed, a minute later we had our

A few moments later, the chef came out to our table,
explaining that he had to finish another dish ahead of
ours, and apologized for any inconvenience. Later
during our meal, both our waiter and the chef visited
our table to make everything was alright. The waiter
even offered to buy us dessert (we didn't take him up
on it, we were stuffed at that point). Finally, on
our way out, the chef thanked us for coming from the
kitchen (the kitchen there is semi-open) and the
kitchen crew thanked us as well.

In a city where it seems that one often has to fight
to be acknowledged, much less served, at some
restaurants, it's nice to know places exist where
customer service is taken seriously. The food's
really good, too.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    Indeed, Bright Food Shop is one of my favorite places.
    I wish I found myself in that part of town more

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      Hey, I loves me some Bright Food Shop chili, which has big horkin' chunks o' beef and pork in a spicy, chocolate-tinged sauce. Which can be all rinsed down with a yummy apple-flavored Mexican soda.