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Aug 5, 1999 03:45 PM


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Does anyone have av update on Daniel?

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  1. I was just there last week. Pate blah. Atmosphere great. Men's room hard to get to. Portions gallicly small. Waiters reasonably unobtrusive in a country where they are trained to interfere with everything. Way too expensive for what you get, compared to anything. Not nearly as fun or imaginative as, say, Atelier de Joel Rubuchon in Paris; don't know about its sister counter in NYC. My recommendation: take the bundle and go elsewhere.

    1. It's amazing how differently people see and experience the same restaurant! Daniel has become one of my favorite NY restaurants over the past couple of years. It's the first place we think of when we have something to celebrate. The last time was about 6 weeks ago and I can't wait to return.

      The men's room is hard to get to? I'm guessing it's right near the ladies' room and that's down a flight of stairs - not terribly steep or anything. If you're physically challenged, I don't know. I've never noticed a handicapped facility there, but there are a few steps down from the entry into the dining room, so I wonder if that leaves Daniel out of the running for folks with a disability.

      I've never had pate at Daniel. Torchon de foie gras? Yes. And I thought it was lovely. Yes, the portions are smallish, which means you get to taste more things and not walk out of the restaurant feeling like you've gorged. We've always been treated beautifully and the staff are perfectly trained. And, yes, I admit that it's expensive but, in my opinion, you absolutely get what you're paying for - in atmosphere, in service, in the food, in the total experience.

      I'm sorry your meal there was a disappointment, rhundt. Had you dined at Daniel before last week or was this your first visit?

      1. we had a magnificent experience at daniel this past summer. everything was delightful, not least the lovely service and delectable food. we really enjoyed every morsel. i would definitely go there for another big celebration.