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Aug 3, 1999 05:52 PM

Has anyone been to the new Deanna's on Rivington St.?

  • j

I heard that Deanna's- an old favorite spot of mine
that was once on 7th and Ave A (prior to the fire 3
years ago) - opened up again on Rivington St. I know
it's still primarily a jazz spot, but the new Deanna's
is supposedly much more spacious and is serving
dinner. Has anyone been there? The old place had
great atmosphere. I'm picking a place to go with my
boyfriend for my birthday and don't want to try it out
that night without any word.

Also- any opinions on Le Tableau? My other thought was
I might head there for a birhday dinner.


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  1. We went to Deanna's about 2 months ago, right after it
    opened. The ambience is great, probably a little more
    upscale than that of its previous incarnation but still
    the same bohemian feel. The service was still a bit
    dodgy since it had just re-opened so that may have
    improved with practice. The food, however, was nothing
    special. We each ordered the pasta dishes and were
    overwhelmed by the stodge and buttery sauce. The prices
    are reasonable, but it doesn't quite qualify for cheap
    and cheerful. Having said all that, I'd give it a
    second try because of the great atmosphere.