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Jul 30, 1999 04:43 PM

Traditional Setting Japanese Restaurants?

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I am trying to find a cheap to moderately priced Japanese restaurants with a traditional setting (i.e. tatami mats, etc.). I know that Shima USED to have that, but they no longer do, unfortunately, when I went there a few weeks ago (even though the setting now is fine, if not a bit crowded). Also, I know that Yakininu Steak House in the East Village has it? Anyway, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

Grace Toy

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  1. Lots of the small places in the East 50's have that
    setup, but the prices can vary alot.

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      Kameda on University Place between 11th and 12th has
      excellent sushi and a whole downstairs area of tatami
      rooms. It's reasonably priced - maybe $9-15 for