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Jul 27, 1999 03:09 AM

Meat packing district

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I keep hearing about a new restaurant on west 13th
street. Right down from "Hogs and Heffers". Has anyone
been there? I hear it's really goo

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  1. It's Fressen, just around the corner from Washington St. A strange place, aside from the usual fermented-blood stench of the neighborhood. Clean, spare, Alice Waters-y appetizers; muddled, everything-all-the-time main courses--for example, sea bass poached in ginger ale, which was even worse than it sounds. I'd give it a couple of months to shake down.

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    1. re: j gold

      Fressen? Is this name supposed to be ironic? When I took
      German, "fressen" had the sense to eat like an animal or
      to devour - essen is the normal verb "to eat".

      Joe Moryl

      1. re: Joe Moryl

        As the restaurant is within sniffing distance of literally thousands of hanging carcasses, I should hope the name would be ironic. Although I understood the word fressen to refer to the Yiddish connotation of chowhoundish eating, which would, given the precious nature of the cooking there, be ironic also.

    2. I went to Fressen and had an awesome dinner. Really
      good Branzino with fresh lychees.
      Very fresh, innovative, tasty food I thought.
      I reccomend it