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Jul 26, 1999 11:11 AM

Cones critiques?

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There's been a pretty wide range of opinions
posted on the boards about Cones (Bleecker Street's
self-proclaimed "ice cream artisans"). I'm hoping
that the naysayers (Robert Sietsema among them)
might provide a more elaborate critique. I've only
tried three flavors (grapefruit and pear sorbets,
and dark chocolate ice cream), but thought they
were all very, very good. Anyone?

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  1. I work on Bleecker ST btwn 6th and 7th which is a food
    block of dreams and cones is one great place.
    I do have one issue and one issue only PRICE.

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    1. re: R.L. Johnson
      Frank Language

      R.L.Johnson writes:

      "I do have one issue and one issue only PRICE."

      Well, spill it: how much should I withdraw from
      Shittibank before I go there?

      1. re: Frank Language

        I was, at first, a Cones believer. When you're

        having an early dinner with little kids (as I

        so often am), the combination of John's Pizza

        (right next door) and Cones' French vanilla seemed

        hard to beat.

        But as Robert noted, the ice cream

        is kept way too warm, so that it invariably

        slops over on your wrist before you're halfway

        done with the cone, and the flavors tend toward

        1) supersweetness; and 2) a certain piercing

        hyperrealism that is inappropriate for most ice

        cream. (If I wanted to experience the sensation

        of cramming an entire sack of commercial dessicated

        coconut into my mouth, I think I'd be hanging

        out in certain corners of the meatpacking district

        rather than eating a cone.)

        Anyway, Bleecker St. Pastry, with its good, honest,

        inexpensive Italian ice, is right across the street.

        As usually, am I.

        1. re: j gold

          O.K. I don't remember how much the ice cream was but
          if I thought it was too much it was. When food is
          good enough price really is not an issue. The ice
          cream was good but not worth what I paid. I also have
          a second choice on the block, Rocco's which has an
          amazing lemon ice stuffed in a hollow lemon. Yumm-o-
          Rama.... bye

          1. re: R.L. Johnson

            The "lemon ice stuffed in a hollow lemon," which is
            indeed really good, is an Italian import available at
            just about ANY Italian pastry shop, not just the
            second-rate Rocco's. You can also get orange
            ice in an orange. I second the choice of Bleecker
            Street pastry for real, locally made ices, though. A
            small lemon ice there will set you back about a buck,
            vs. $3.50 for the imported hollowed-out fruit variety.

            1. re: MU
              Robert Sietsema

              Don't forget the wonderful apricot ice, which is the best one there--when they have it. I, too, would be a slave to the lemon ice in the lemon, coconut ice in the coconut, etc., if only for conceptual reasons. Unfortuantely, the version of this treat served in the cutrate pastry shops and coffee parlors is whipped to give you less product by volume, making it way too light and airy. The version served in the fancy restaurants at twice the price are a zillion times better, such as the one they used to serve at that South American joint on West Broadway in Soho. Erizo Latino, I think it was. I think it was the same guy now involved in Calle Ocho.