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Jul 25, 1999 01:13 PM


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Has anyone tried Cello yet, I would be interested in
your comments.

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  1. a recent birthday dinner at cello was way expensive but
    really good. rolexes to the right of us, escada to the
    left, we clearly were at the poorer end of the food
    chain, but my companion and i just kept eating along
    despite the ues attitude. the sea bass was simply
    prepared and unbelievably fresh, and seafood risotto
    balanced creaminess with fine arborio heft. we were
    most surprised with the cheese cart, as it's
    neck-and-neck with the much celebrated one across town
    at picholine, and laden with great, stinky, triple
    creme type hard-to-find goodies. they also give you
    tiny, airy, lemony doughnuts and petits fours after
    your meal which will happily remain in memory long
    after the bill is paid.