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Jul 24, 1999 01:57 AM

Island Burger -- New Menu

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For the first time in memory, Island Burger on 9th
Ave. has changed its menu. Many new burger/chicken
sandwiches (but they kept most of my old favorites)
and although there are still no fries, but baked
potatoes are now on the menu.

The food, limited as it is, is as good as ever.

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  1. Dear Dave,

    You of course know that you can place your order and
    then zip out to the Pluck U. Chicken take-out 2 doors
    north to pick up an order of their very excellent
    fries to go with your very excellent Island Burger!

    They are completely copacetic at Island B. about you
    doing this. In fact, it was their suggestion the first
    time we went there.

    It IS perverse that they don't serve fries, don't you
    think? They always mumble something about proper
    ventilation, but jeez - a burger place without fries
    is like a donut place without coffee!

    I always thought they should have a runner to go to
    Pluck U. for you, but it gives you something to do
    while you're waiting for your order.

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    1. re: Pam Sommers

      Gee, I think it's sacriligious to eat fries at Island
      Burger. Will has to be one of the coolest owners in
      the universe, and I especially love that the running
      that goes on between I.B. and the bar next door.

      By the way, the new menu includes an apocryphal
      explanation of the lack of fries in the place.

      I figure I get plenty of fat in my Bourbon Street
      churrasco. The no-fries policy is a gift to my

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Dave -

        I think it's sacriligious NOT to eat fries with such a
        fabulous burger, plus going next door for them was
        their idea. I never would've had the nerve,
        otherwise! I do try to resist, in order to keep the
        fat intake down, but I don't have a burger there that
        often, so sometimes you gotta go the whole nine
        yards! On the other hand, Ive never dared try one of
        the famed shakes...

        1. re: Pam Sommers
          Dave Feldman

          Oh, Pam, I didn't mean sacrilgious in THAT way. They
          are totally cool about importing fries. It's just
          that Island Burger has such a cool gimmick ("No
          Fries!"), that I can't resist abstaining, and going
          along with the joke.

          I know. It makes no sense.