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Jul 23, 1999 04:45 PM

Uguale: West Village

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I just ate at this relatively new restaurant which
opened in the far West Village on 10th street and
Washington. Finally, an excellent Italian restaurant
with attentive service, fresh ingredients, cool space,
great food and to top it off... its very reasonably
priced. Expect to pay $20 to $30 per person. This is
a terrific neighborhood spot which I hope will be there
for a long time.

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  1. Great place!
    I had dinner there last night and found it charming
    and delicious. The ambience was perfect and the
    service sublime. Ample portions of tasty pastas under
    I recommend this place to all. Go, enjoy.

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    1. re: Anthony

      I've been eating at Uguale since it opened, just about a year ago. The excellent food and accomodating staff keeps me coming back.