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Jul 22, 1999 02:24 PM

cool place in village/soho/tribeca to celebrate 21st bday

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I am in search of a moderately priced
restaurant($10-15 entree, about)with a great
atmosphere, really good food and with a good wine list
to celebrate my birthday with a large group (11-14) of
20-somethings. Something that would satisfy vegetarians
and carnivores and doesn't necessitate sharing due to
varying tastes. Was thinking a french bistro or
italian, but I am open to all suggestions. Looking for
somewhere fairly swanky, but a place that will let us
stay awhile after the meal is done, and hopefully close
to bars for after. Thanks for any possible ideas.

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  1. Il Buco is quite swank. Try to sit in the wine cellar.
    supposedly that's where Poe got the inspiration for
    "The Cask of Amontillado". a little more pricey but
    atmosphere is aweso

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      If you want small & French, try Copal @ 311 Church
      Street just below Canal. Great French food, good wine.
      Moderate, but below uptown cost for the same food.

    2. You might try Velli, an Italian "bistro" on Houston
      Street between Sullivan and MacDougal, I believe.
      Prices are extremely reasonable, food is good, and
      you're certainly within walking distance of many
      places to party after your meal. Cash only.