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Jul 20, 1999 06:30 PM

My post is not appearing

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What am I doing wrong? I write my response, hit post -
it doesn't appear. Hit refresh - nada. Any

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  1. It's appearing, bubbie, it's appearing. Four times, it's appearing.

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    1. re: al pastor

      Okay, (x4), sorry (x4) - and I didn't really have
      anything wonderful to say! Although check out todays
      NYT for places to get the famous Martini.

    2. Hi Gini,

      Your reply(ies) *were* posted to the message board
      index page as well as the message you responded to ---
      (actually four duplicate replies, but I'll delete the
      three others).

      It sounds like a problem with how your Internet
      Explorer 5 browser is communicating (or not
      communicating as the case seems to be) with the AOL
      proxy server (the intermediate repository of pages
      retrieved off the Internet by AOL users). When you hit
      the Refresh button, your browser should have sent a
      request for the proxy server to retrieve a new copy of
      the page from our web server and forward it to your
      browser. However, after you posted your messages, our
      server never received the requests to send the copies
      of the message index page or the message you responded
      to. It could be a problem with the AOL proxy server,
      which would be an AOL Tech Support issue; however, the
      following may also help if it's not strictly an AOL
      proxy server problem:

      When you hit the Refresh button, it should have sent
      out that refresh request regardless of what your
      "Temporary Internet Files" setting were set to for the
      browser. Nonetheless, you should review these settings
      and change them to see if it eliminates the problem
      the next time you post. Under the View drop down menu
      in your browser's menu bar, select Internet Options,
      and then under the General tab, click the Settings
      button. On this dialog box, setting the "Check for
      newer versions of stored pages" setting to "Every
      visit..." or "Every time you start...", but NOT
      "Never", may help.

      Also, under the same Internet Options, click the
      Connection tab and in the Proxy server section, be sure
      that, unless you're truly using a proxy server (with
      an IP address and port number filled in on this page),
      the checkbox for "Access the Internet using a proxy
      server" is not checked.

      Hope this helps.