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Jul 17, 1999 03:43 PM

Listing of 1999 Restaurants Serving Through Labor Day or End of Year

  • j

Where can I find this?

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  1. hey judith. i have a copy of the list. if you want, i
    can fax it to you.


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    1. re: wonki

      Wonki -

      can you email the list (we have the kind of fax set-up
      where you have to phone first)?

      by the way, thanks for the tip re the Italian
      restaurant on 84 st. - we will check it out.

      1. re: judith


        i don't think i can e-mail it because i only have a
        hard copy that i ripped out of the nyt magazine a
        couple months ago. but check out the other message for
        the web address.

        hope you enjoy giorgio's. glad to hear about jacques
        and that you finally found a better brunch spot than
        cilantro. i've been trying to go to jacques but
        whenever i go they're closed. they're supposed to have
        good crepes i believe.

        glad to see you back on chowhound. you disappeared for
        a while. definitely check out veritas and the tonic as
        well. had good meals at both places.

        1. re: wonki

          Thanks, Wonki! I got it at

          Thanks for the welcome back too - it's good to be back
          - got into a phase of eating in for a while

          Hope to try Giorgio's soon - will let you know

    2. You can get a complete list by going to: