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Jul 12, 1999 11:43 PM

Flamenco dancing and tapas?

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Anyone have experience with Xuntas or Allegrias or any
other eatery that has flamenco dancing entertainment?

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  1. I really enjoy Xunta, they have a good selection of
    Tapas (I like the grilled sardines, and the potato
    dishes)and a pleasant fishing-village atmosphere. One
    of the times I was there I witnessed a flamenco
    performance. It was very low-key (there's no stage);
    just a woman in a long skirt in a traditional pattern
    dancing to canned music in the center of the
    restaurant. It was a nice entertainment (I love
    watching dance) but nothing hugely exciting. This was
    several years ago when the restaurant first opened.

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    1. re: Rachel Hope

      Tapas at Xunta is OK - but lord their sangria is harsh.

      1. re: Governor

        Was at n on crosby st. last night and they had great
        flamenco dancing (so intense). No tapas that I know of
        but the sangria is tasty.

        1. re: R.L Johnson

          What is "n" on Crosby St, a restaurant or bar? Type of food? Phone # or address? I do like good flamenco :)

          1. re: Claire

            N(~) is a tapas bar (vs. restaurant), or was the last
            time I visited (a year ago). I think, however, that
            it is Brazilian rather than Spanish. The drink of
            choice there is the caparinhia (sp?). As regards the
            food: I have found they don't focus on this aspect of
            the experience and often when ordered one or more
            dishes prove to be unavailable. What I have eaten
            there was unmemorable, which is not good but not bad
            either. Still I think it's a fun place to go for a
            drink (Crosby between Broome and Spring).

    2. A friend of mine and I hung out at Alegrias till closing a couple of months ago and had a great time; they had live musicians and a good dancer, but we didn't try the tapas.