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Jul 11, 1999 11:20 AM

Martini Search

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Next week, I want a GOOD martini.

I have suggestions so far of: Temple and Clementine.

Any comments on the above two or does anyone have even better altenatives? Way downtown is where we'll be.

Grazie in advance.

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  1. temple bar is very good, so is baby jakes, app. 1st and 1ave.

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      My boyfriend recently visited Temple Bar with a
      colleague for a couple of post-work martinis, and I
      can honestly report that this beer-loving Englishman
      (my boyfriend) came home drunker than I have ever seen
      him in four years, with all of his fingernails painted
      in sparkly nail polish. The colleague got equally
      drunk, was cut off at the bar, then attempted to bike
      home but fell off and so chained the bike somewhere
      and has not since found it, nor does he remember
      anything at all about the evening. All this from four
      martinis. I post this as a warning and a
      recommendation: the martini's are fantastic, but very
      very large -- proceed with caution.

      1. re: Rachel Hope

        Had a great gimlet at temple, and tasted a gret
        martini, and it wasn't smoky in there! Had an amazing
        margarita at Tabla and guess that their martinis are
        great. also had a great cosmopolitan on the upper west
        side at The Works.

        1. re: rebecca

          Try Blackbird on 49th between Pk and Mad. Dale
          DuGrof, master mixologist. Restaurant sucks, but the
          drinks are great!

      2. re: stephen kaye
        Frank Language

        stephen kaye writes:

        "temple bar is very good, so is baby jakes, app. 1st
        and 1ave"

        Baby Jake's doesn't exist anymore; you might want to
        try Baby Jupiter, at 170 Orchard (at Stanton); same
        owner, but I can't guarantee the same bartender.

        1. re: stephen kaye

          baby jake's is no longer.temple bar is the way to go.

        2. Very unusual and delcious martinis at Tabla. pat

          1. Temple is as the kids would say the bomb place for a
            martini. other places of note include the greatest bar
            on earth in the world trade center which is a little
            too touristy for me and kastro on 5th st (i think) in
            the east village here you'll find no tourists but alot
            of people who seem to have the sniffels and go to the
            bathroom alot (wink, wink)