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Jul 7, 1999 09:49 PM

Flowers Restaurant?

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Not that I was a big fan, but I noticed that this place
is no longer open. Does anyone know the story?

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  1. I forget what the new place is going to be called.
    Supposedly it's going to be an Asian influenced
    restaurant. And I believe the chef used to cook at
    Hawthorne Lane in SF. (I could be mistaken).

    1. d
      David Wiederholt

      It is true that a new Restaurant called AZ will be
      opening in the space where Flowers Reastaurant was
      located. I am part of the opening staff at AZ and we
      are really excited for our 3 floor restaurant which
      will consist of a lounge on the first floor, private
      party room, and the main dining room which will be
      located on our rooftop garden with a retractable glass
      roof. If you have any further questions feel free to
      call us at 212.691.8888 or email We
      would like to invite you in for a drink when we open.