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Jul 2, 1999 11:08 AM

Cuban Home-Cooking Cafe

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On First Avenue between 12th and 13th there is an
incredible Cuban joint -- I think it's got a review in
the window, so it can't be that new, but I'd never
been there before three weeks ago, and its now at the
top of my list of faves. At lunch time you get a cup
of soup (and their soups are incredible: I've tried
chickpea, fish, and whitebean, all fabulously
flavorful), plus bread-and-butter, plus a full plate
of meat with rice and beans for $4.50. For dinner add
on a couple of dollars. Do not miss: roast pork
(pernil), shredded beef (ropa vieja), or fried
chicken. Do not miss the plantain (which they offer
Cuban or Dominican style, I've had the Cuban and its
wonderful). Plus the staff (mother and daughter?) is
really really really nice.

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    Robert Sietsema

    You've stumbled on the venerable Cafe National, one of the E.V.'s most treasured dining resources. Don't miss the made-on-the-spot mofongo.

    Also don't miss Elvie's Touro-Touro, an equally cheap Filipino place almost next door.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      Made a special trip to Cafe National for dinner
      tonight and the place was boarded up. Are they closed
      for dinner in the summer?

      We almost went to Elvie's but, alas, no a/c and all
      the workers there were sweating buckets.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        they're definitely open for dinner, they simply close
        at 10:00 p.m.

        1. re: rachelhope


          Very strange. They were closed before 9:00 p.m. last
          night. It was so polluted and muggy last night, maybe
          they couldn't stand it anymore. First Ave., with the
          exception of the tapas place, was dead last night.



          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Since the original mention of the National, I've
            driven by three times and have yet to find it open.
            It's now 4:14pm and there's no answer on the phone.
            Perhaps they've closed for good? Or maybe they're
            just closed for vacation? Anybody know?

            1. re: Dena

              They were open yesterday - and I'm heading there now
              for lunch. I think they are just a little erratic in
              their hours.