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Jul 2, 1999 03:55 AM

Good Burgers - UES or UWS

  • j

any suggestions on where to find a really good
hamburger - preferably on the upper east or west sides?

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  1. Try Big Nick's on Broadway. It's in the 70's somewhere,
    on the west side of the street.

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    1. re: Jeremy
      Robert Sietsema

      I second that emotion.

      BIG NICK’S 2175 Broadway, 362-9238

      1. re: Robert Sietsema
        Dave Feldman

        I third the emotion. It's my favorite hamburger in
        NYC (basic charbroiled beauty). And the grillmen will
        cook it the way you specify.

        I'm also a sucker for the house dressing at Big
        Nick's: a basic vinaigrette with marinated
        vegetables. So even though the Greek salad features
        the usual assemblage of iceberg lettuce and dried out
        celery, it's still a wonderful accompaniment for the
        burger (I'm not a fan of New York deli type fries).

        Another big plus about Big Nick's: the menu is
        massive, and if there are vegetarians in your group,
        they'll have a choice of hundreds of items, including
        the pizza and pasta from Pizza Joint next door, also
        owned by Nick.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          A friend let me have a single bite of her hamburger at the Smith & Wollensky Grill at lunch yesterday, and if a naked half-pound of hand-chopped, charcoal-grilled, blood-rare prime sirloin doesn't constitute the best hamburger in New York, I couldn't tell you what does. Just amazing.

      2. re: Jeremy

        Well, we tried Big Nicks' and I must say the burger
        was delicious in my opinion - crunchy on the outside,
        tasty on the inside - thanks, folks!