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Jun 29, 1999 05:49 PM

79th St. Boat Basin Cafe

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I realize this is not typical Chowhound fodder, but
how's the food and atmosphere at the 79th Street Boat
Basin Cafe?

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  1. Surprisingly edible. We were there a few weeks ago.
    My wife had a turkey burger which was, well, turkey
    burgerish. Not great (perhaps barely good), but when
    is a turkey burger ever great or even good, and I've
    had worse. I had a grilled steak sandwich. I expected
    sliced steak, and instead got a single piece of meat,
    and was anticipating a lot of work chewing form my
    dinner for not much flavor. Much to my surprise, the
    steak was tender and tasty -- a very nice sandwich,
    even if the bread was a little dry.

    So try it , you could do worse. On a similar note,
    though, driving up west side highway I noticed another
    cafe in the park around 104th st -- anyone know
    anything about this??

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    1. re: Alan Divack
      Daniel Sonenberg

      I ate at the uptown version last night--it's in
      Riverside Park around 104th st. I had a very good
      veggie burger--had a real grilled taste which is quite
      unusual for the genre. The atmosphere right now is
      fun, slightly disorganized, friendly and new. I hear
      the downtown version is overrun and obnoxious already,
      and I'm hopeful that this won't happen to the less
      trendily-located northern locale. Others at my table
      had the vegetarian chili--labeled "chili salad" but
      actually just a very good, spicy, vegetarian chili
      covered with way too much cheddar cheese (which we did
      ask, to no avail, to have left on the side). Tossed
      salads came with a balsamic vinaigrette that was very
      low on oil (a matter of taste: I liked it), and I
      grilled chicken sandwich that was reportedly quite
      good. Everything came with a bag of "Utz" potato
      chips, and the whole evening had the feel of a picnic.

      -Dan s.

      1. re: Daniel Sonenberg

        79th Boat Basin is run by same folks who run O'Neals
        by Lincoln Center (is it still there?), and the quality
        of the food is about what you'd expect...which is to
        say, good bar food.

        BUT...the setting is unique. You have the Rotunda to
        the east...and houseboats, the mighty Hudson, and the
        sun setting over New Jersey to the west.

        And it's a great place for parties. Plenty of room for
        music, dancing, speechifying, and other forms of
        enjoyable carrying on.

    2. Have eaten there only at a private party, but the
      atmosphere at the Boat Basin is wonderful on a nice
      night. Informal, convivial, and a rare outdoor
      experience in NYC without buses or pedestrians in the