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Jun 23, 1999 11:59 AM

smaller Chinatown banquet

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I'm posting for a friend who doesn't have internet access. She wants to have a banquet for around 25 people, and since this is significantly smaller than the 75 under "Chinatown banquet" I'm starting another thread. So: Nice, Golden Unicorn, Great Shanghai, Fuleen? Others? Suggestions for what to ask for? All help much appreciated.

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  1. Why not just take 'em all out for $2 soup buns at
    Goody's? I hear they're great, and you can't beat the

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    1. re: Mara G.

      I think the $2 soup buns was a half-price special they
      were offering during the month of April to celebrate
      their anniversary. Though at $3.95 it's still a great

      1. re: Jocelyn

        Actually, they're extending the deal through the end of
        the year. Lucky us!

    2. Some other possibilities for a smallish (2-3 table)
      banquet could be 20 Mott, Harmony Palace (whenever
      they are not closed for a big wedding bash), Sun
      Golden Island and,if-its-still-there-and-the-people-
      like-duck, the Peking Duck House. I havent been to the
      last for over 10 years, but a banquet including the
      multi-course presentation of duck can be mighty
      impressive. Maybe someone can recommend a better
      place for duck these days, if that is an interest.
      Since the banquet format is a well-accepted one
      throughout the better restaurants in Chinatown, you
      may simply want to ask about the possibilities for one
      at your favorite restaurants - most have set menus at
      different price levels which you can negotiate to suit
      individual preferences.

      1. HI:

        I've arranged two banquets at Golden
        Unicorn (both around 30 people) and people still talk
        about the food. They have the ability to section
        off the and create smaller rooms for your party.

        I also just gave a banquet for the
        Chinese consul at the Evergreen, a
        Shanghai place located at 10 East 38th.
        Food and service were excellent.